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About Us

“Your Health Expense Relief Team”


An estimated 120 million Americans want to be able to spend less on their health insurance.  People worry about the effects of higher deductibles, higher premiums and lesser coverages. Recent history has shown that 60% of families will not be able to secure additional funds they can apply to health plans and out of pocket expenses.

It’s an emotional roller coaster that leaves a lasting impact as families struggle to maintain minimal health and safety. Even a minor health issue can lead to major out of pocket cost that last for years.  For many people minimal health and safety feels like a nightmare.

Introducing common sense health insurance for your business and family.  Improve your healthcare and reduce the cost for your family regardless of age or income.  You design a plan that fits your family today.  Empower yourself to pay for medical care at the time of service.  Doctors often give discounts when they get paid right away and don’t have to wait for insurance reimbursements.