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My Helping Hands 2 Non Profit Corporation


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Mission Statement

My Helping Hands2 Non Profit Corporation is a 501(c)(3) public health service charity. Our goal is to offer educational information and cost free medicine to anyone who is paying cash out of their pocket for prescriptions. People paying cash for prescriptions usually include uninsured, underinsured, high deductible insured individuals, and families with canine pets.

My Helping Hands2 Non Profit Corporation will partner with medical, Small business and medical organizations. We help educate residents throughout the United States on how to receive the benefits of essential ACA benefits and cost free prescribed medications. Our primary focus is for the treatment and prevention of allergies and diseases such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, depression and related healthcare conditions.

My Helping Hands2 Non Profit Corporation helps families receive cost free prescribed medications through prepaid membership agreement. Members will receive mail order prescribed medicines at no cost for each dependant within primary members address.

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Sponsor a family or employee(s) of your choice. Donations are (AGI) tax deductible for business.

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